I first studied ‘O’ level pottery at school in the 70’s, but I moved away from ceramics to pursue other interests.

In 2004 I re-visited ceramics through adult education workshops in South East London and immediately fell in love with clay once more. I now split my time between my studio, my clinic and my family.

I love the elemental and tactile nature of working with clay.
Natural forms, shapes and textures have always fascinated me. I am a collector of pebbles, stones and shells and an avid photographer of rocks and textures in landscapes both urban and countryside which inspire and inform my work.

To me working with clay is the most basic and natural art form. My interest is in finding ways to create forms that look as though they have grown within their environment, are a part of the place they inhabit.

I often work with coloured clay that I colour myself with a variety of oxides, using a fairly rough clay body that has its own very distinct texture and character.
I also use slips, oxides and glazes often applied over a number of firings to create depth and texture.

The visual and tactile quality of my work is essential to me, colours and textures that speak of pebbles on a beach, rocks on a river bed, ancient stones, old places.

I hand build all my forms, every piece is unique and my garden work is all high fired, stoneware and frost proof.